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Seeking simplicity in life, homesteading, homeschooling and living out God’s will…as painful as it sometimes may seem!

We are glad you are here! A place to be inspired to live simply.

The evergreens stretch tall into the clear, blue northern sky, their green the splash of color that keeps things bright in the winters here. We left upper-middle class suburbia to live out our homestead dream in the north. Sold off as much of our personal property, house and anything we hadn’t looked at in boxes in the basement for over 2 years. (hmmm…I can’t be the only one who drags around stuff from one move to the next not knowing if I want it) Anyway, it was a glorious purge!

Our story is not simple, nor easy. It never is, is it? But we are living our dream, by the grace of God. Starting this blog is fulfilling the beginning of my life-long dream to write. This blog will talk about God’s grace during hardship and His mercy. We will discover how to shed the weight of this world and take up our yolk to walk obediently with Jesus. And I will share my simply living Christian homestead life with you.

My hope is to connect believers together with content that inspires and causes jubiliation at how great our God is at work in our lives!

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