Hope Anew

This Resurrection week as we continue to marvel and celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus, I have been blessed to be reminded of the hope he brings and how abundantly he answers prayer.

This morning, my 4-year-old son awoke and shortly thereafter put on his mud boots to head outside. He came rushing back soon in an infectious flurry of excitement! “Mom, I found some birds, come see!” He grabbed the bird identification book off the shelf and waited patiently as he could for me to put my boots on.

As we made our way to the pond, we stopped and found the nuthatches he had originally seen. Along with a nest at the very top of the trees. We then made our way to the pond to discover a pair of ducks on the water, geese flying in a V overhead and sandhill cranes calling from the field. Several crayfish showed themselves along with many waterbugs.

All of this new life right in our backyard. Not that we didn’t have birds or wildlife in suburbia, but there is something special about living in the wilderness in the North knowing that there is more wildlife than people and we are essentially on their turf.

God reminded me of why we moved here, and our goal to live a simpler life, to homeschool our children and to be a close family. All of those prayers I prayed two years ago have been answered. I can remember watching homesteading channels on YouTube and wondering if we would make it to the life style we wanted while our little ones were still little. We made it. Thank you God. And to offer me another beautiful reminder yesterday evening while doing chores, I looked up and saw his smile in the form of a rainbow right above my head. God is great!


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