Pink Skies & Green Eggs

The beauty of this place continuously amazes me. While many are not “snow” people, I have found the winter here to be a thing of beauty. We see many sunrises and sunsets that are nothing but pink. And every time it happens, our little ones marvel, “look at the sunset!” and stare out the window in wonder.

It is those times that God is bringing it home on how amazing his creation is but also, how the wonder of a child is infectious.

In these trying times it can be easy to get down or focus on only the bad things happening. We are blessed to live in a place where we can shut much of the “bad news” out if we try hard and view the pink skies for what they are. A treat for our senses from the Lord.

In the same week, our hens have finally started laying again and in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, they laid green eggs! Blessings abound!


Published by averity

Aspiring Author, Compassionate Christian

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