A good day

I’d say it was a good day on the homestead. As we are so new to this, it can be hard to feel accomplished at times. Some days, we are feeling blessed that we have kept the children and animals well and fed for the day. (come on, you all know you have been there)

On Sunday, we decided to tap two trees that we were sure were Maples. It was an anti-climatic experience (other than sinking knee deep into the snow-pack and falling flat on my face) We checked the taps each day and there was nothing. Then Wednesday, finally, a yield. (Did we tap too early, as amateurs, we are learning as we go) I was super excited to go out to the tree and see the gallon milk jug a quarter of the way full of sap. Only 39 and 3/4 jugs to go to get a gallon of syrup. Hah, we shall see. I think we will be lucky to end up with a quart of syrup, but we will take what we can get for our first go-round.

We have had 11 pigs for almost 7 months now. The mama pig had her 9 piglets (yes, 9!!) in August and we have not been successful in selling any until this week! A couple of weeks ago, we bought a snowmobile from a man who lives on one of the Islands. He shared that his son is interested in raising pigs again. So finally, four of the litter will be rehomed tomorrow. Leaving us with the two adults and 5 piglets to cull for ourselves.

Next on the list is Nigerian Dwarf goats. We are in the planning stages of electric enclosure, a goat house and play things for them. As soon as the snow is melted, we can begin construction on the house using pallets. I can’t wait!!


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